Tuesday, February 1, 2011

27 Random Facts About Me [Part II]

16) I love Hindi movies. At least it's a kind of flowery hopes that the love is still in the air

17) Andy Lau is my first celebrity dream. What kind of dream? Hahahaha.. Don't dare to ask.

18)I adore all the good qualities of my mum. She's is truly a 'Perempuan Melayu Terakhir'. Unlike me and Bell.

19 I wish I can go to Italy and France during my honeymoon.

20) I'm not a morning person, I rather opt for staying awake all night long..
How I wish office hour should start at 1 pm. Ohh, in my dream.

21) I'm not so dominant as I potrayed to public. I'm very fragile and clumsy. I tend to become emotionally affected just because a petty things.

22) If I could back turn back the time, I'll will put extra effort in my final year at uni, so that I can graduated with first class, telling my late grandfather how much i love him and not messing around with someone's life.

23) I want to be rich. It's a must and by all legal means.

24) I love my Ipod more than my Iphone. Music is my drugs and Ipod is the dealer =) (Eventhough dad keep complaining about how I should change the Ipod's casing already but i still refuse to do so)

25) I'm easily attracted to man who smells good. I think everyone does right?

26) My grandmother is staying in Phuket, because Phuket is actually the root of dad's side. Thailand is not an alien to me. We've been there at least twice a year =)

27) This might be quite weird, but I already met 2 fortune tellers who gave me quite a rough background about my future. They don't ask for money but they said they just want to tell me what they can see. The first one was during my trip to Jogjakarta, Indonesia and most of the things that he told me comes true and the second one is very recently. Perhaps my aura is too strong. Hahahaha

Note: Fakhrul Redha, I've made it 27 already =)

Monday, January 31, 2011

For you who now become my memories...Ungu - Dilema Cinta (Super HQ Audio/Video)

Thanking you for everything
Now, we have choose a different path but I hope there's no ill will between us

27 Random Facts About Me

1) I have a very popular nickname, Kajol. i got it during my high school straight away after my Orientation Week. I acted as 'Kajol' during the Culture Nite.
My second attempt in acting =)

2) My parents call me as Yana and I love to keep it that way. Feels a lil bit awkward if some one else try to do so. Just 2 of them owe the privilege.

3) I have a bad addiction into handbags but guess what? I'm in a stage of recovery. It's quite an achievement when Mecky, my bestie told me 'It's been ages u didn't not spend on handbags' but now it sway to skincare regime. I splurge a lot ( almost quarter of my salary) for my skincare stuff dis month. Err..anyone can help me?

4) I love, adore and very passionate with anything related with Tun Dr M.He's one in a million or most precisely a gem that can never be replaced. I take an oath to at least meet him before I reach 30, but alhamdulllah god answer my prayers. I got an opportunity to serve him within a short period last year (2010). A short internship with tun Dr M is an epic lifetime memory. And thank you Ayahanda Tun for da pocket money, 8000k (big smile)

5) I'm allergic with tomatoes n chicken drumstick. Please don't ask me why cos I'm blur in finding the justification. And yeahh, anything with fur surely will count in.

6) This is quite personal but those who are close with me will surely know this. I really want to be a WEDDING PLANNER. That is my golden dream but now I'm stuck in this legal fraternity. But I guess, I'm doing quite well, being in one of the best law firms in Malaysia is quite a bonus. However in the future still looking forward to fulfill my dream. And why I'm reading laws? Just to give a very general answer, I'm a good kidddo who listen to their parents advice.

7) I have a bunch of mentors who shaped my characters and up to today I still revert back to them whenever necessary. I owe them like a lot. Tun Dr M (bukan selalu la dapat revert, hehehe), Tan Sri Sanusi Junid (an outstanding politican and extraordinary orator), Mr Madzlan Hussain (big influence in my decision making and fyi, he's a partner in Zaid Ibrahin&Co), Mr Khair Ngadiron (a very respective man who gives me a lot of exposure) and Mr Samsudin Yusoff (my beloved daddy who planned wisely for my future)

8) 90% of my Ipod playlist are Malay and Indonesian's song.Even if I'm in someone else car, I would politely ask them to tune in Hot FM or ERA FM. I don't discriminate English song but make sure it is 80's or early 90's
Hahahahaha =)

9) I'm an average student in my high school during Form Five. Well, I even went to last class quite a certain time. I hate Add Math, Physics and Chemistry and I even wonder how I managed to finish 5 years in my science school

10) It totally changes when I went to Law School. I love my uni life =) and I mean it seriously.

11) my favourite bank is Maybank simply because they gave me scholar

12) I'm truly, deeply and madly loves ANUAR ZAIN. i even have a folder bout him in my FB account entitled 'Temanku, Kekasihku, Syurgaku'
Ok, please don't laugh.
Anuar Zain, please marry me. My life would be brilliantly complete with you =)

13) Hard to catch me without make up. consider yourself lucky if u experienced it.

14) I hate my curls hairs. Coz it increase my expenditure for rebonding.

15) After watching Shoulin last Saturday at Cineleisure with Fakhrul and beloved housemate, my adrenaline rush said dat I should learn Kung Fu. Ermm..Any takers?

16) i love to sleep and now I'm sleepy. Can we continue it tomorrow?

Goodnight people =)

Introductory part...

Hey people,

This is my first attempt for blogging. Hurm, i don't have any specific reasons actually, just wanna have a try.
Well, I would probably share about my life, interest and careers as well.
Bear with me cos I have a lot to share =)

I shall start with 27 random facts about myself.
Why 27? Cos 2 and 7 is my lucky numbers.
Hope that will help you to know me

27 random facts about me will be in my 2nd entry
Ciao for now
and yeahh love youuuu (my future readers)